Friday, 18 May 2012

Sofar Sounds

I spent yesterday evening in a nice man called Joe's front room, cross-legged on the floor with 30 other random folk (and my friend Claudi), listening to some amazing live music and drinking a can of G&T.

The genius idea of the charming Rafe, David and Rocky the musical movement Sofar Sounds is rapidly growing in notoriety. Tickets to its intimate and impressive invite-only gigs hosted in people's front rooms the world over are becoming more and more in demand - 600 people applying for last night's session in good ol' Joe's Clapton house.

But it's immediately clear why - welcomed into a warm embrace by a grinning Rafe, it's like arriving at an old friend's drinks party. Only this friend a) lives in a pretty sweet pad b) has a line up of four amazing up-and-coming bands for you to hear and c) has invited an eclectic group of only the most interesting of guests for you to meet. Nice.

And so, after meets and greets and a quick mosey around we sat, limbs intertwined and knees knocking with our neighbours' like school kids in assembly, ready for the show to begin. 

The Graphite Set

First up were The Graphite Set. The husky voiced Lilly a nice guy called Will on the trumpet captivating us with their folksy blues.

Melodica, Melody and Me

Melodica, Melody and Me were next, and we were in for another treat, the folksteppers from Brixton spinning the prettiest of tunes, with the lead singer's understated vocals making me fall a little bit in love with him. There was a nice reggae twang to their songs and the melodica got a big round of applause. My fave track was Ode to Victor Jara.

Spring Offensive

After a leg stretch and a quick flirt with the nice man to my right, Spring Offensive were up. A 5-piece guitar band from Oxford, their kookily swaying lead singer Lucas and preppy-dressed band were weirdly mesmerising. And my goodness were they good - the harmonies flawless and their considered lyrics neatly crafted. They reminded me of my much-loved Grizzly Bear - I shouldn't be surprised if we hear a fair bit more from them.

Jack Savoretti

Last, but certainly not least, Jack Savoretti was up. Having lost my heart once already, I lost it again - this guy is a hot PIECE. His rough, gravelly voice was a winner - bet you'll fancy him too: here.

The one rule of Sofar is that you don't leave before the end, but this was no issue - there was no dragging us away. One of the loveliest evenings I've had in a long while, I only hope I'll be invited back. In the meantime, there are four new bands on my need-to-go-and-see list.

Sign yourself up here and apply for some tickets - shotgun being your +1. 

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  1. Sounds like such a lovely idea - will definitely be signing up for this!