Wednesday, 16 January 2013

London Eye Eye Eye

With the Shard's opening claiming 'the best view in town', this week's Timeout magazine draws our attention back to the dear old London Eye

Now just another part of the London skyline furniture it's sadly often overlooked. But just before Christmas, with our lovely Semma leaving for a stint in the Middle East, the gang needed a treat to see her off and what better way to bid London al wada' than a little trip on the wheel?

And so we booked a capsule and filled it with her friends - 25 of us cosied up and ready for the ride. Our dreams of flowing fizz slightly scuppered by a no food or drink rule, we managed to pull off a couple of bottles and as we reached the top raised a toast to our darling friend.

The views were spectacular, the lights of the city twinkling beneath us. A pretty amazing back drop for a little hang out with our friends.

I'm sure I'll make it up the Shard at some point (probably once the Groupon deal hits), but if it's a treat with a view you're after, have a think about the Eye again... Less expensive than you think for a bubble of your own - endless possibilities (not involving nudity, much to Harry's disappointment). And a nice little snap for our Sems' Middle Eastern wall...

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  1. Wonderful place, wonderful London Eye.!!

    I hope i would come there someday to realize the beauty of United Kingdom and witness the genuine humbleness of the people British people. :) <3 !!