Monday, 15 April 2013

Sabel @ F.Cooke

Newly local and already sucked in, Broadway Market is rapidly becoming a favourite weekend hang out. And what better place to hold a sweet little foodie pop-up than the hundred year old institution of F.Cooke just up from the canal. So when bookings for Sabel, the 'sociable eating' brainchild of chef with Michelin star experience and an events organising guru opened, I was straight online and in line. 

And we weren't disappointed - it was an afternoon of pure culinary delight in the lovely setting of this historic site.

Ever the indecisive, a simple menu suits me fine, especially when each dish on it looks as delicious as the next. So sharesies it was and it was one of each of the starters for the table.

Sabel: Lamb scrumpets and Heirloom beetroot salad

Mains became trickier with both the slow cooked beef cheek and pork belly leaving us smacking our lips but it was the stinking bishop macaroni that swung it for me and pork belly it was.

Sabel: Pork belly, chaps and black pudding, stinking bishop macaroni cheese

This was some of the best food I'd had for a while - the combination of tastes and textures invoking moans of pleasure from round the table.

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon of food and friends - I can't recommend it highly enough. Not only for the gourmet delights but also the friendly team running it and the general positive vibes. It's a couple of weeks back that I went now, when London was freezing, the space could have been warmer but with Spring finally sprung this should no longer be a problem.

There are only a couple more weekends in the run so you'd best be snappy but, having said that, I shouldn't think it'll be the last we see of this little gem.

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