Monday, 6 August 2012

Frank's Café and Campari Bar

Now in its fourth year, the Peckham based car park bar Frank's Café is not waning in popularity. And now I can see why...

With incredible views and some of the most reasonably priced cocktails in London, it provided the perfect place for my bestie Giz' birthday. It felt criminal that I'd never been before. 

Arriving on Friday evening, the list of campari-based drinks lured us swiftly into the weekend vibe, our selected Negroni Sbagliato (Campari, Vermouth & Gin) packing a welcome punch.

The uber-urban location makes for a surprisingly beautiful spot, the concrete glowing pink in the evening light. There's also a lovely sense of comradery between the drinkers, maybe from the shared glee at being in such a great place or maybe just the smugness at having made it there at all (don't underestimate the trek).

As the sun set and the view faded, pretty festoon lights came on and the vibe turned merrier still. It was only after the bell for last call had rang, and been obeyed, that we tottered back down to pavement level. Birthday girl and gang good and campari-ed and ready to dance.

With priorities elsewhere, I didn't check out the sculpture, but the Bold Tendencies Project #6 will just be one more reason to go back. 

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