Friday, 27 July 2012

Sofar Sounds

You may remember my waxing lyrical about the new music movement Sofar Sounds in a post some time ago. So it was with some excitement that I received my invite to another magical evening of music, this time in the home of a nice girl called Alex out in the depths of Stokey. 

And by the sounds of things, this movement is really taking off with last night being the 152nd event, the 153rd happening simultaneously in Manchester and the 154th kicking off in Mexico as our evening drew to a close. No mean feat. 

As always, the effervescent host, Ralph, welcomed us - encouraging us to listen with open minds to the acts who were set to perform. The audience listened like a cult to their leader.

Joe Innes & The Cavalcade

First up were Joe Innes & The Cavalcade, a nice looking line up with a babe on violin (I love bands with violins). Their lyrics were hilarious, the humour of front man Joe carried through the songs with the audience participation required for album title track The Frighteners having us howling to the moon.

Ali Warren

We were then treated to an impromptu performance from the angel-voiced Ali Warren. Bare footed and bearded, the sound that came out of this unassuming man was truly beautiful. He lulled us into a smiling revery.


After a stretch (and another glass of rosé), the heavy metal band Hedoniacs were up. I have to say, heavy metal is perhaps the one music genre that I would make an effort to avoid listening to, but the pared back set that the band played last night was incredible - the shouting and screaming replaced with softly sung harmonies. 

Emily and the Woods

Another surprise treat followed, with the Emily of Emily and the Woods tugging on our heart strings with her husky, almost whispered, tones. Just a girl and her guitar, she was very sweet, playing both songs stood on tippy toes. 

Pearl and the Beard

The final act of the night was the Brooklyn born Pearl and the Beard - an amazing trio with a babe on cello (I love bands with cellos). I can't really describe how great they were - the combination of their voices in their faultless harmonies sending tingles down my spine. Their presence was just overwhelmingly 'feel good' with funny chatter between songs and their clear love of performing spreading smiles throughout the room. The encore only left us wanting more - I had no idea you could even do those things on a cello. I need to see these guys again. 

And so another amazing Sofar evening drew to an end and we traipsed back down from cloud 9.

Running on donations, Ralph's hat was filled with crisp notes - testament to how much we'd all enjoyed the night. 

I've told you once, I'll tell you again - get yourself signed up, you'll never look back.

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