Thursday, 2 August 2012

Netil House

I'd been wanting to go to Netil360 for quite some time now, so what better way to spend the opening ceremony of the Olympics than roof-based with a glass of wine in hand watching it all on a big old screen.

The space is cool, a massive decked area looking out over the east end, space enough for a fair few London mincers and tee-pee or two.

Drinks are reasonable, with a nice mix of coctails - including the delicious alco-freezie-pops from Icely Done. So refreshing.

Access to the roof is usually only reserved for members, so to get yourself up there you'll either need to sign up, find yourself a member friend to sneak you in or go to their next party. I would suggest the Hot Tub Cinema - a movie night with hot tubs and waiter service... winner? Winner.

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