Saturday, 11 August 2012

Forza Win

With a love of rooftop revelry and a passion for pizza, Forza Win, the East London supper club of the Napoli inspired Pizza Pilgrimsheld immediate appeal. 

With a new rooftop residence following an unfortunate shut down a couple of weeks ago, the guys welcomed us with open arms on Friday night. Open arms and a delicious Aperol Spritz - its zingy zestiness complimenting the balmy evening perfectly.

As the infamous ovens were fired up, we sat down to a simple starter of penne pasta served beautifully al dente with a light  ragù sauce and topped with parmesan. So simple, but so delicious.

Then onto the main event - the pizza. Presented as a tasting menu, we were served pizza after pizza in impressively quick succession. 

Now I've had good pizza, spoilt by the pizzerias of Firenze and Roma, but these were great. Truly great. The dough, light and nicely charcoaled, the toppings carefully sourced for ultimate taste. My favourite was the Napoli salami and portobello mushroom - the salty bite of the meat dangerously good. 

Once we'd had our pizza-fill, we were treated to a little live music from the soulful Ligers. The vibe was lovely, a rooftop of contented Londoners wrapped up in the moment. 

A little something sweet was served in the form of creamy ricotta and vanilla Gelupo topped with flakes of sea salt and drizzled with olive oil. Bloody good - I nailed mine (and Emily's).

And with that, our soirée was over and our kind hosts ushered us back down to ground level. From what I hear, places are now pretty limited, but give it a go - your efforts will be more than worth itFailing that, the guys (and their oven) will still be appearing in the form of Pizza Pilgrims around the city's food markets. I may now be following them around on my own pilgrimage - that Napoli salami has me hooked

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