Sunday, 12 August 2012

Street Feast London @ Camden Town Brewery

I love hanging local, so I was happy to see Street Feast London back at the Camden Town Brewery this Saturday for a nice day of good food, good beer and more 'lympics.

After a mega swim at Parliament Hill Lido just up the road, I had the hunger of a teenage boy and the thirst of a donkey (thanks Kath?!). But by god I'd come to the right place...

In a nice little nook just by Kentish Town West overground, the brewery offers up the perfect place for a spot of street food and a beer in the sun. Joyce and I nabbed one of the brewery's classics, Hells lager - the cold crisp liquid slipping down like a sweet sweet nectar.

To eat, I jumped on the Bhangra Burger band wagon. My first experience of Baba Gupta's magic, the lamb burger folded into a wrap filled with salad, spicy goodness could not have hit the spot more. I should think it will be my first of many.

Street Feast London is ordinarily Dalston based and takes place each Friday. I've no doubt I'll be headed back to the Camden Town Brewery, however, a nice one to add to the list of 'locals'.

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