Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bringing D.I.S.C.O. back

A music genre that encourages incorporating claps into your moves, wearing as much glitter as your face can take and has you grinning like a teenage idiot, is surely no bad thing?

The term ‘discothèque’ was coined in Europe to describe the clubs that began playing disk music rather than live. But disco music as we know (and love) it really hit the big time in the late 60's/early 70's - starting underground within New York's LGBT community and spreading like wildfire to the rest of the world. 

The effervescent beats of disco live on today and last night found me on a GNO (Girl’s-Night-Out: so labelled by Tom and with Tom in attendance), shaking our things on the dance floor of KOKO to the magnificent Crazy P (the 'P' stands for penis, nice).

Those guys are just great: with a live show that is undeniably feel-good and songs that I would challenge anyone not to want to dance to. As the lead singer and only female member of the group, Danielle Moore, swayed in her semi-see-through white flared jumpsuit, the crowd went mad and I fell in love with her a little bit.

Also playing were Horse Meat Disco, another group that are driving the disco-dream. Sadly one too many Moscow Mules and far too many ‘rofl’s’ (Tom’s take on ‘what girls do on GNO’s’) meant I missed the best part of their set. No matter, with their weekly set on a Sunday evening at Eagle, it might just be the perfect way to overcome the Sunday-sleeps.

But today, it’s home for me to thank my mother for being such a good one. With the remnants of last night’s glitter twinkling in the corners of my eyes, I’ll be greeting her in a bit of a disco-daze – but she gets it, she was there when this all began.

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