Sunday, 25 March 2012

Finding the Fourth Wall

Having received this...
... on Thursday, I must admit that I was somewhat gazumped. After a little investigation, it seemed I'd (inadvertently) signed myself up for notification of the weekly location of the The Fourth Wall - London's only 'wandering bar'. But with a clue that had me turning my head left to right, blurring my eyes and googling like a mad woman in the hope of cracking it - it seems that B&H (the team behind other lovely vintage events like the Blitz party and Wyndstock) were keen for only the brightest of drinkers to make it to their pop-up.

With a leetle help on the puzzle solving (this drinker just couldn't cut it), I made a booking and met my friend Semma at Shoreditch High St overground. A hop skip and a jump found us being ushered into nothing more than a warehouse, corrugated roof and all. But as we got further in, a theatre set unfolded - a whole bar constructed within this dilapidated space; there for one weekend only before it'll be packed up and moved on elsewhere, with a whole new clue to solve and discover it.

Like it's sister bar, Bourne & Hollingsworth in Fitzrovia, The Fourth Wall is prohibition themed - the floral wallpaper, tasseled lampshades and cocktails in teacups making you feel like you've stumbled back to war-time and into someone's front room. 

The vibe was nice, mellow and understated. The cocktails strong - The Gatsby a favourite with vodka, promegranate, raspberry and fizz. But I couldn't help but feel a little under-whelmed. Whereas the charm of Bourne & Hollingsworth is it's intimacy and authenticity; the details of the artwork, upholstery and crockery impressive - this just fell a bit short. I loved the intrigue of the clue and the excitement of not knowing what we'd find at the revealed address, but what we found just didn't quite live up to the hype and it kinda felt like a pop-up for pop up's sake.

But no matter, my focus was more on my long lost friend. The rate-per-minute we were talking, we may as well have been down 'Spoons.

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