Saturday, 28 April 2012

Friday night at The StockMKT

I heard about The StockMKT from my dear friend Rimbaud (aka the hot young chef James Ramsden). His new venture Kebab Kitchen was having it's maiden voyage last night at the second round of this foodie-dream pop up market.

So, with a hop skip and a Boris, we arrived in Bermondsey square, the sweet smells of cooking food and the cheerful cries of the stall holders reaching us before we'd even entered.

My streetfood-savvy friend, Camden (blogger extraordinaire), was quick to point out her favourites Bhangra Burger, Pizza Pilgrims and Bea's of Bloomsbury who were outrageous in their offering of deep fried brownies - oh mama.

Drink in hand, it was time to start sampling. And so, with more hungry gals in tow, we opted for a coupla scotchies to whet our appetites. Sweet lord, runny yolk and salty meat, topped with cracked pepper and a dash of 'holy fuck' hot sauce - the Egg Boss showed us exactly why these English classics are back in vogue.

Egg boss' heavenly scotch eggs

Looking for more little tasters before heading in for the main event, we got a plate of Pom Pom Takoyaki's dee-lish balls. Sadly the octopus originals were already gone, but the chicken variant was pretty impressive - like savoury profiteroles, filled with sticky meat and topped with teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise (or mayonasia as Dee-Pee coined it).

Suitably startered, we headed to the Kebab Kitchen stall, it's queue by now winding itself around the block. Unfazed, we got in line, debating the options of Suffolk chicken vs. West country lamb.

James Ramsden - one half of team Kebab Kitchen

We queued and we queued - buoyed on by the nice hustle and bustle about us and the fun live music that drifted over from the other side of the square (not to mention the blissful expressions of the people ahead of us as they took their first bites). A projection show began as darkness fell - the artwork all from a project done by kids from the area. 

An hour later and our hearts were broken as we arrived at the front to find that our friends the Kebab men were completely sold out. Lucky he's my friend - I could only be happy that he'd done such a roaring trade. But, no messing about, I'll be first in line at The Ship next month when they fire up the spit and kebab once again.

In the meantime, I've just remembered that there's a forgotten Rocky Road in my bag snapped up from the lovely girls at Yummy Boutique - breakfast of Queens. 

If it's good food and a fun feel you're looking for of a Friday evening, be sure to check out The StockMKT next time it appears. Not sure when or where that will be yet, but keep your eye on their site for more info.

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