Monday, 16 April 2012

La Bodega Negra Cafe

Saturday's run left me with the hunger of a lion and in need of a stiff drink, so I was pretty excited at the prospect of lunch in Soho's new La Bodega Negra cafe with my Mexico-phile friend, Tasha.

Born of a collaboration between NY nightlife don and restaurant creative director Serge Beck (of The Box and La Esquina fame), London restaurateur Will Ricker and entrepreneur Ed Spencer Churchill, unsurprisingly this place has had some pretty serious coverage. Whilst the mid-month bank balance couldn't quite stretch to the resto, I was keen to get a taste of the place so we headed down and nabbed a table in the cafe.

La Bodega Negra Cafe

The vibe was cool - nicely bustling, but chilled enough to chat, the diner set up carried through to fluoro signs and checkered floor. The staff were on it and we had two margaritas before us in a flash. 

Hibiscus and Tamarind frozen Margaritas

We ordered two sets of soft tacos, one of the classic cochinita pibil pork salsa verde and one chorizo and butternut squash - lashings of homemade salsa verde and fresh lime giving them a good old kick. A chicken tostadita, whilst delicious in the winning mix of meat, avocado and crisped up tortilla, still failed to satisfy. So with another round of margaritas (this time straight up) we got ourselves a plate of the chilaquiles to share. Sadly they were pretty disappointing, the typically flavoursome, spicy dish replaced with a far too healthy tasting, bland counterfeit.

The bill was perhaps a little punchy, to say we'd eaten light, but the cocktails were worth every penny of their £7.50 frozen goodness and this cool little taqueria had provided the perfect backdrop to an afternoon of best friend quality time. 

Next stop the restaurant... Any invites most gratefully received.

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