Friday, 27 April 2012

Sweet Sweet Sevilla

Looking for a city with a little culture, a lot of sun and not too painful on the purse - we booked flights to Seville. The occasion was our Lew's 26th birthday and we were 3 girls in need of a break.

And so, of a Friday evening, overpacked and underslept we touched down in this southern Spanish town completely ignorant of it's charms (who needs a guidebook?!), but the anticipation of a new city to discover fizzing in our tummies.

I hadn't expected it to be quite so beautiful, or quite so hot. We spent our days wandering the streets, peering nosily through great wooden doorways into cool courtyards within and browsing the amazing old and new boutiques.

Food was of the best kind: salty jamon ibérico, lemoned calimaris fritas, fresh salpicon de marisco and creamy manchego; all washed down with copious ice-cold beer served in frozen glasses.

Beer and olives, our favourite resto El Pajaro Verde and plate #4 of salpicon de marisco

Our sweet teeth were satisfied by the city's numerous heladerias - the best and probably most famous La Fiorentina is definitely worth a visit.  

With the temperature hitting the big three-oh, we went in search of a pool to dunk our sweltering bodies. Not entirely aware of quite how smart it is, we rocked up at the Hotel Alfonso XIII which re-opened in March this year to again play host to Spain's rich and famous. A pacey walk through reception and through the elegant courtyard led us out to the gardens and into the bluest pool I've seen in a while.

Not much is more delicious than being on holiday on a Monday and after another leisurely lunch, we strolled hazily through the beautiful Jardines de Murillo debating whether or not to live the tourist dream and ride in one of the city's many horse-drawn carts (we didn't).

And so, the weekend drew to an end and with heart rates returned to normal, freckled faces and rounded tums we traipsed back to England. One of us a year older and three of us friends.

I fear this post offers little in the way of 'things-you-simply-must-do-when-in-Seville'. But, to be honest, we weren't there to see the sights and I'd encourage you to do the same - this is a city that just needs to be lived. So sit back, order another cervesa and watch how it rolls on by. 

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  1. Wow, it looks like a wonderful city! I've been looking for a European city to visit for my 20th and this looks perfect. How long did you go for? Was it an overall expensive, normal or cheap city? Also, any recommendation on accomodation?(Sorry for bombarding you with questions!)

    1. Hello ab,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Seville would be perfect for your birthday! My friend loved hers.
      We flew out on Friday afternoon and came back late Monday night, so we were there for 3 and a bit days.
      It was actually surprisingly cheap - so long as you avoid the main tourist traps, you can find amazing tapas for no more than 3/4 euros a plate. I always rate places with plastic chairs - look for the plastic chairs!
      We wound up staying in a hostel - Make sure you book to stay in the one with the pool! It's about 25 euros a night. I would actually look on air b n'b though. They have great apartments available for not much more than a hostel and then you have your own place.
      Hope that helps.
      Have a lovely birthday x

    2. Thank you very much for this, I'm already planning it. I showed my mum and she's offered to pay for it! Can't wait!

      (Hadn't got a notification telling me you'd replied and only just saw this because I decided look at the cool photos again x)