Sunday, 1 April 2012

Jumble time

Ever the avid bargain hunter, for me car boots, charity shops and jumble sales really are places where dreams can come true. So, when I heard about a new jumble sale only up the road, it went straight in the diary.

The Wills-Moody jumble sale happens on the first Sunday of every month in the slightly surprising location of The Lexington. With high hopes but low expectations(my friend Chaz has a theory that the best of vintage has already been nabbed), I headed on down with a pocket full of coins and my deal goggles on.

On such a glorious day it felt criminal to be going into the dark dinginess of The Lexington (don't get me wrong, I love The Lexington). But the bargain hunter in me sung out and as we went inside I felt the familiar quickening of my heartbeat at the prospect of finds to be had.

The offerings, initially, looked a little lackluster and I was surprised by how few stalls there were. But don't be deceived! Within 5 minutes my co-hunter, Ames, and I were staggering to the loos with arms full of clothes to try on: an Americana crop top, a nicely mumsy Bennetton jump suit and white culottes with shining gold buttons amongst our haul.

Once we'd whittled it down to just the-things-we-couldn't-live-without, we steeled ourselves for some haggling. I actually rather enjoy a spot of haggling, but today there was honestly no need - I felt almost guilty at how little I paid for my loot. Par exemple, dream fit Levi's slashed hot pants, an obvious choice but top wardrobe addition nonetheless: £4. Done deal.

There was also some great jewelry and jumble classics: like expired film and vintage postcards, all very reasonably priced and with the friendliest of stall holders to boot.

Once we'd done the rounds (twice) and assured ourselves that all gems to be had were had, we headed out, our heart rates returning to normal and our faces alight with a post purchase glow.

Parched by our exertions, we headed down the road to Camino for a restorative glass of wine and some tapas in the sun.

Fave find - £6
The next Wills-Moody sale will be on 6th May, but see their FB page for more info.

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